What are 15 personality traits of Jem Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. Athletic: Jem loves sports and wishes to start playing on the football team.

2. Respectful: Similar to Atticus, Jem treats others with respect and is a morally upright individual.

3. Empathetic: Jem understands when Scout is upset and does his best to calm her down.

4. Humorous: Many of Jem's explanations are humorous and add comic relief to the story.

5. Leader: Jem takes on the role as the leader of their group throughout the novel.

6. Proud: Jem is proud of his father for killing the rabid dog in one shot.

7. Gullible: At the beginning of the novel, Jem believes the untrue rumors about Boo Radley.

8. Inquisitive: Jem is a curious individual who is continually asking his father questions. 

9. Naive: Before the Tom Robinson trial, Jem does not realize the overt prejudice in his community.

10. Loyal: Jem refuses to leave his father's side when the Old Sarum bunch surrounds him.

11. Protective: Jem is protective of Scout and makes her spit the gum out that she found in the Radley tree.

12. Jaded: Jem becomes jaded with the community members of Maycomb following the trial.

13. Talented: Jem can play various roles in the children's rendition of Boo Radley's life story.

14. Adventurous: Jem is not afraid to go on a nighttime raid in an attempt to get a look at Boo Radley.

15. Vindictive: Jem takes revenge on Mrs. Dubose by destroying her camellias.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. Creative/ 2. Inventive - He helped create dramas, ways to get to Boo Radley, a treehouse, and the morphodite.

3. Curious - He wanted to know about Boo Radley.

4. Sensitive - Jem regularly spent time alone. These are times when he was thinking about his mother. He also took the trial quite hard.

5. Protective/ 6. Brave - He was fighting Bob Ewell, a grown man, when Boo Radley rescued him.

7. Fair/ 8. Generous - He brings Walter home for lunch after Scout beats him up.

9. Pensive - He spends time thinking about things like the fact that someone had sewn up his pants and the points of the trial.

10. Human - He won't do something for nothing. He had to be paid to take his sister to school.

11. Understanding - When Aunt Alexandra arrived, he got it. He understood that it was best to just stay out of the way rather than try to cause further problems.

12. Defensive - Jem didn't want to be shown up by a little kid. He was always trying to show Dill how he was better than him.

13. Moral/Just - Jem believed that Tom should have been let off.

14. Perceptive/ 15. Stubborn - Jem understood at the jail that night that if the kids left, the group could have beat up Atticus. But because the kids were there, they probably wouldn't do it.

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