What are the 15 most confusing words in the book?

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jessarm6 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

 What a wonderful book!  It depends if you are thinking from Enzo, the dog's perspective, or the reader's. Let's go with the reader's perspective. 

 Some of the most difficult words are ones that have multiple meanings, and depend on how they are used in the sentence to understand the meaning. Many times you can use the context of the story to help you understand what unknown words mean  

1. Emoting p.4 - showing emotions

2. Ascend p.8 - rising up, without being tied to Enzo

3. skated p. 27 - walked with caution 

3. Deity p. 68 -God or goddess

4. Berm p. 99 - piece of grass near a road

5. Arrangement p.128 - way of life, set up of the houses

6. Apex p.150 - highest point

7. Angst p. 160- fear, nervousness 

8. Resolve p. 173 - determination

9. maudlin p.205 - weak, feeling bad for himself

10. Gait p. 216 - walk

11. Alpha manp.216 - boss, person in charge

12. Speculation p. 245 - guessing

13. Controversy p 256 - fights, debate, disagreements

14. Opposable p. 312 - able to move toward the fingers, like people

15. ART, in the title, - in this case it doesn't mean pictures or paintings but rather the way that Denny and Enzo move through their lives

Hope this is helpful!