What are the 15 most important events in chronological order in The Giver?

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These are the 15 most important events in The Giver.

1. Jonas remembers the plane flying overhead when he thinks about the Ceremony of Twelve.  This is important because it foreshadows trouble for Jonas.

2. Jonas’s father brings home a Newchild named Gabe for extra nurturing.  Gabe and Jonas both have pale eyes.

3. Jonas is chosen Receiver of Memory at the ceremony.

4. Jonas is given his instructions, which forbid him from telling dreams, taking pills for Stirrings, or talking about his work, but do allow him to lie.

5. Jonas begins training with The Giver, which consists of receiving memories.

"It's the memories of the whole world," he said with a sigh. "Before you, before me, before the previous Receiver, and generations before him." (ch 10, p. 77)

6. Jonas learns that there is something special about his having light eyes.  The Giver has them too.  So does Gabe.  They are linked.

7. Jonas learns about emotions from the memories, including love and war.

8. Jonas begins to realize he is different. He tries to get his friend Asher to stop playing war games. Asher is annoyed.   He asks his parents if they love him and is chided for using imprecise language.

"Your father means that you used a very generalized word, so meaningless that it's become almost obsolete," his mother explained carefully. (ch 16, p. 127)

9. Jonas begins transmitting memories to Gabe to calm him.  Gabe still cannot sleep through the night.

10. Jonas asks to see a Release ceremony. He watches his father kill a newborn infant just because it was the smaller one of a pair of twins.

11. Jonas refuses to go home. The Giver tells him things can be different, and the two hatch a plan for Jonas’s escape.

12. Jonas and The Giver prepare carefully for his escape.  Jonas will sneak out in The Giver’s vehicle.

13. Jonas finds out that Gabe is scheduled to be released.  He decides to leave early.

14. Jonas steals his father’s bicycle and heads for Elsewhere.  He evades search planes by using memories and catches his own food.

15. Jonas and Gabe reach snow.  They are very weak.  They stop. They may or may not reach Elsewhere.

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