The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Questions and Answers
by Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer book cover
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What are 15 main/important events from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

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The important events that happen in Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain are as follows:

1.Tom uses reverse psychology to trick the other boys into white washing the fence for him.

2.Tom receive his bible and causes trouble in the church.

3.Tom meets Becky for the first time. They get ‘engaged’

4.Tom decides that he is going to be a pirate

5.Injun Joe kills the doctor at the graveyard, Tom and Huck witness the murder of the doctor

6.The boys, Tom and Huck, promise to never say anything about what they saw at the graveyard

7.Tom, Huck, and Joe run off deciding that they should go be pirates

8.Assumed dead by the town Tom, Huck and Joe come back and it’s the day of their own funerals. They attend their funerals.

9.Tom sneaks into town and finds out that the townspeople think they drowned at sea.

10.Tom offers to take Becky’s punishment at school, he takes the punishment

11.Tom confesses what he really saw at the graveyard the night the doctor was killed and Injun Joe is forced to run away

12.Tom and Huck find treasure in an old spooky house, they also see a Spaniard talking with Injun Joe

13.Injun Joe goes to the widow’s house, Huck follows him there and then gets the Welshmans to scare him away

14.Tom and Becky get stuck in a cave during Becky’s family picnic. Injun Joe dies in the cave but Becky and Tom make it out alive

15.The boys find gold in the cave under a huge rock. Huck goes to live with the widow, he does not like it there and wants to be in a gang

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drmonica eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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1.       Tom is caught having gone swimming by Aunt Polly because he used the wrong color thread to sew his shirt collar back on

2.       Whitewashing the fence

3.       Tom trades for the Sunday School Bible verse slips

4.       Tom and Becky get engaged, then break up

5.       Tom and Huck witness the stabbing of Dr. Robinson by Injun Joe

6.       Tom & Huck swear a blood oath to each other never to reveal what they have seen

7.       Muff Potter is arrested for the murder of Dr. Robinson

8.       Tom feels unloved and runs away with Huck and Joe to the island

9.       The boys return to attend their own funeral

10.   Tom takes Becky’s punishment for spilling ink across the schoolmaster’s book

11.   Tom & Huck go searching for buried treasure & discover Injun Joe at the abandoned house

12.   Huck discovers that Injun Joe plans to slit the Widow Douglas’s nostrils

13.   Tom and Becky get lost in the cave

14.   Injun Joe’s dead body is discovered weeks later in the sealed cave

15.   Tom and Huck retrieve the treasure and are heroes

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allie344 | Student

Chapter 2: Tom's Aunt sends Tom out to whitewash the fence but through a long sequence of verbal manipulation, Tom convinces his friends to do it instead.

Chapter 3: Tom falls in love with Amy Lawrence.

Chapter 4: Toms trades his worldly possessions for tickets with which he trades for a Bible during Sunday School.

Chapter 9: Tom and Huck go to the graveyard at night where they see Injun Joe stab Dr. Robinson with a knife after attempting to dig up Hoss William's corpse.

Chapter 11: Injun Joe frames Muff Potter for the murder.

Chapter 12: Tom feeds his medicine to the cat.

Chapter 13: Joe Harper, Huck, and Tom run away to become pirates on an island.

Chapter 15:Tom sneaks back home before returning to the island.

Chapter 17: Joe, Huck, and Tom attend their own funeral

Chapter 19: Aunt Polly discovers a note in Tom's pocket explaining his previous disappearance. 

Chapter 20: Tom takes Becky's punishment after she tears a page in a book

Chapter 23: Tom and Huck publicly accuse INjun Joe of framing Potter Muff at the trial

Chapter 24: Injun Joe has vanished from the town.

Chapter 26: Tom and Huck visit a haunted house where they hear of a plan to barry treasure.

Chapter 30: Tom and Becky are trapped inside a cave with Injun Joe