What are main events in Ingrid Law's novel Savvy?

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Ingrid Law's teen novel Savvy is about the Beaumonts, a family with supernatural gifts, called savvies, that awaken at the age of 13, and it's time for the third eldest child out of five, Mississippi Beaumont, called Mibs for short, to have her 13th birthday. As Mibs learns what her savvy is, she goes on a journey of self-discovery and a period of personal adjustment.

Since the plot and themes of the novel center around Mibs's 13th birthday, her birthday is definitely a main event in the story. However, her birthday is also made more difficult by the fact that her father has just had a severe car accident on the highway and is now in a coma at Salina Hope Hospital. Her father's accident poses a problem for her birthday because not only can he not be there when her savvy is revealed to help her cope, she is also left in the care of someone outside of her family, Miss Rosemary, the pastor's wife of the family's church, since her mother must be at the hospital. Hence, her father's accident counts as a second major event in the novel.

A third major event concerns the awakening of Mibs's savvy itself. She soon begins to experience tattoos and other ink markings on people's skin talking to her, revealing the inner-most secrets of the people behind the markings. She is completely overwhelmed by the experience, overwhelmed to the point that she faints one moment and grows nauseous the next. The rest of the novel concerns her and her siblings' attempt to make it to the hospital to talk to their father and her learning to cope with her new reality.

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