What are important events in Monster by Walter Dean Myers?

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Here are a few significant events from Monster:

1. The flashback scene to when Steve is a twelve-year-old boy playing with Tony is significant. Steve throws a rock that hits a woman, and he runs away before a bigger man, thinking Tony threw the rock, punches Tony. This scene is important because it gives the reader insight into Steve's morals.

2. Steve's journal entry on Wednesday, July 8th, illustrates Steve's thoughts regarding how his race and age affect how the jury perceives him.

3. The flashback scene that depicts Steve hanging out next to Osvaldo Cruz is significant. This scene personifies both characters and reveals that Steve has been hanging around with criminals to gain respect.

4. Steve's journal entry on Friday, July 10th, indicates that he just left the store before the robbery took place and reveals that he was willing to participate in the robbery to be "tough" like James King and Bobo.

5. Steve's testimony is significant, as he tells the prosecutor and jury that he doesn't recall...

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