Foreshadowing In The Scarlet Ibis

What are 15 examples of foreshadowing or irony in the short story, "The Scarlet Ibis"?

foreshadowing and irony

Give me some examples of foreshadowing or irony throughout THE SCARLET IBIS

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    Below are 15 examples of foreshadowing and irony in the James Hurst short story, "The Scarlet Ibis." 

1.  The first sentence refers to death, birth and "the bleeding tree."
2.  Other examples foreshadowing death or bad fortune in the first paragraph include the words or terms "rotting," "dead," "graveyard flowers," "untenanted" and "empty cradle." 
3.  The word "red," foreshadowing blood, is used several times.
4.  The doctor warns that Doodle must not get "too excited, too cold, too hot or too tired."
5.  The brother's pride "is a wonderful, terrible thing."
6.  Doodle's "lie" about the peacock unfolding its colorful wings and enveloping him foreshadows the ibis and his own death.
7.  The hurricane and the destruction that follows foreshadows the bad luck and death that will follow.
8.  The naming of the deadly World War I battles foreshadows the death that comes to Brother's and Doodle's own world.
9.  The appearance of the ibis and its death foreshadows Doodle's own demise.
10.  Aunt Nicey's statement that "Dead birds is bad luck... specially red, dead birds."

1.  That the ibis should fall dead from "the bleeding tree."
2.  The bleeding tree has also died and is replaced by a grindstone, an object that slowly wears away other objects. 
3.  That such a tiny, weak boy would have such a long and "strong" name as William Armstrong.
4.  Aunt Nicey ("nice") treated Doodle best of all.
5.  When Aunt Nicey came down on Brother's big toe, he thought he would be "crippled for life." It is ironic that the healthy brother would also be crippled, not by the brogan, but by the knowledge of his poor treatment and desertion of Doodle.
6.  That Doodle died under a "red nightshade bush"--red as in blood.
7.  That when Doodle cried, "Brother, Brother...," he did not respond; and when Brother cried, "Doodle, Doodle...," he also could not answer.