What are characteristics of Cherry Valance?I have to do a wordle.

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wordles are a lot of fun!  Here are some traits of Cherry I would highlight.  How’s this?

Sherri (her real name) and red hair (the reason she got her name).

Soc (because she is one) and cheerleader (because this is also an important part of her identity) and pretty (because everyone seems to think so).

Judgmental (because she thinks greasers are trash at first) and considerate (because she apologizes for offending Ponyboy).

Boy-crazy (because she says that Sodapop is a doll) and sincere (because she is honest).

Tough (because she can take care of herself) and feminine (because she is still very girly).

Loyal and mourning (because she does not visit Johnny in the hospital in her boyfriend’s memory).

Good friend (because she stands up for them at the trial) and honest (because she tells the truth).