What are the '14 Principles of Management' by Henry Fayol?

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Henry Fayol, an expert in the managerial field, came up with the following principles of organization (management):

1.  Specialization of labor-Break down each job into smaller parts and give each part to those who can do them the best.

2.  Authority-Someone needs to be in charge and tell others what they need to do in order to maintain order and insure the job goes smoothly.

3.  Discipline-Everybody has to do their part, obey the rules, and account for their actions.

4.  Unity of Command-Recognize who's in charge and respect him in his position.  Remember the old saying, "The boss may not always be right, but he's still the boss!"

5.  Unity of Direction-each person has the same goal in mind and all are working and pulling together to accomplish it.

6.  Subordination of individual interests-What happens at home stays at home.  Once a person arrives at work, they should focus their thoughts and actions on their job.  The work place is not a drama-fest and nobody else should be burdened with your personal problems, nor should they interfere with your performance.

7. Remuneration-Employees expect fair compensation for their efforts and should be rewarded as such.

8.  Centralization-Most companies either have a Board of Directors or similar upper eschelon who command the top spots, and they are in charge.

9.  Scalar Command (Line of authority)-Effective management begins at the top and filters down through the company along a designated chain of command.

10.  Order-A place for everything, and everything in its place.  I know its a cliche, but it's a correct principle. 

11. Equity-All employees are not identical and have individual needs, but all must be treated fairly. 

12.  Personal Tenure-Some employees are "good keepers" and should be kept around indefinitely.

13.  Initiative-Everybody should think things through and then carry them out to the best of their ability.

14.  Harmony-"Let's work together, people!"

The most important ones are considered to be 1, 5, 9, and 14. 

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