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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a multiplication problem. You can multiply 8 by 13 or multiply 13 by 8. The numbers 13 and 8 are known as multipliers. Either way, the answer is 104. If you multiply 8 times 13, multiply 8 times 3 first. This gives you 24. Multiply 8 times 10 next, which gives you 80. If you add up 80 and 24, the sum total will be 104, which is the correct answer.The answer to a multiplication problem is known as the product. Multiplication is used in many different ways in our lives. It is actually a faster way to add numbers. For example, if you purchase 5 donuts at .50 cents per donut, you can add .50+.50+.50+.50+.50 which equals $2.50. Or, you can multiply 5 times .50 which equals $2.50. It is simply faster to multiply than to do the addition.

taikabilbo | Student

You can try by hand first (recommended) and then check with a calculator. For 13 * 8, you multiply the ones position first, so 8*3, which is 24. You put the ones answer 4 down, and carry the 2 from the 24. You then multiply the tens position, so 8*1 which is 8, but you add what you carried over, which was 2, which gives you 10. You put this answer in the tens position. Your final answer is 104.` `





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