What are 11 laboratory tools and their uses?

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1. Beaker- used to hold liquid and solid samples while conducting experiments

2. Bunsen Burner or Hot Plate- used as a source of heat during experiments

3. Graduated Cylinder- used to obtain exact measurements in mL of liquid samples

4. Pipette- used to transfer and dispense liquid samples

5. Test Tube- used to hold small amounts of samples 

6. Wash Bottle- used to dispense small amounts of distilled water during experiments

7. Balance- used to calculate mass of a substance in grams

8. Wire Gauze- placed on top of a ring to support a beaker above a flame; allows for uniform heating of the sample in the beaker

9. Ring Stand and Rings- used to hold glassware usually above the bunsen burner

10. Erlenmeyer Flask- similar to a beaker, but contains a smaller mouth opening; used to hold substances and contain reactions

11. Clay Triangle- placed onto a ring and is used to hold and support evaporating dishes, crucibles, and watch glasses

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