Identify 10 words that are hard to understand in the book.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Finding words that are challenging is, in itself, challenging because everyone has a different threshold for vocabulary.  Selecting words of importance might be meaningful here.  One such word would be "Senator" for it is what Bobby becomes when he gets older.  I think that one has to define some of the insults that are used in the book because "name- calling" is such an important aspect of it.  Words like "faggot," "sissy," and "roly- poly" are uncomfortable, but the only way one can understand why Bobby and Addie are so committed to doing what they do.

The idea of a "minority" is a word that needs to be defined.  While DuShawn is seen as a "minority" because of his race, he is more of the majority and the "Misfits," while racially a majority are more of a minority.  Certainly, Addie's challenges with the institutional approaches to student voice feature terms that need to be defined.  "Justice, "equality," "freedom," "allegiance" are all terms that are challenging in terms of their definitions and what they mean to Addie.  Finally, defining "misfits" would be important as it is the title and a condition of being that is sought to be better understood in the course of the narrative.

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