What are the 10 steps of the scientific method?Please help! i need for Honors acedemic core!

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Hagar, I've always taught this as four steps, but I found this at answers.com and am copy pasting it here to help you out:


1. Understand the Problem
2. Collect Information
3. Form a Hypothesis
4. Test Hypothesis
5. Keep Accurate Record
6. Check Results
7. Repeat Experiment
8. Confirm Conclusion
9. Communicate Results
10. List New Problems that Arise

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The scientific method is not only useful in science, but in any area where a problem needs solved.

  1. Observation: look around your world. What problems, needs or interests do you see?
  2. Define the problem: what challenges does your problem pose?
  3. Goals: what are the end results you hope to discover and how do you plan to reach them?
  4. Gather information: research and explore the evidence to find a temporary solution.
  5. Trial and error: apply the different solutions you found in step 4.
  6. Assess results: which solutions worked and which did not?
  7. Hypothesis: based on the results from step 6, propose a solution to the problem.
  8. Verification: challenge the validity of your hypothesis.
  9. Conclusions: if your hypothesis is correct go to step 10, if partially wrong go to step 5 and try another solution or if totally wrong examine step 2-4 and take another path.
  10. Present findings: write up the results.

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