What are 10 significant objects for susie in the novel?ex.  ship in a bottel her charm braclet

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In the book "The Lovely Bones" Susie Salmon is murdered by a serial killer.  She is caught in a plane or her own private heaven.  While there she watches over her family as she tries to come to terms with her murder.

If I were to make a collage of different things in her life, I would put a knitted hat on it.  She hated the hat, but it is the last thing her mother had given her.  I would use a coke bottle since it was a particular item that was the last human thing she had.

Suzie had a brother and a sister.  I would put something to represent them.  I would, of course, add a boat in a bottle, as you said, to represent her relationship with her father.  Since one of the things that Suzie uses to get her father's attention was a dead geranium, I would find a picture of the flower.

Ray Singh was the boy that Suzi liked and she died before she had a chance to get to know him better.  He had written her a love note.  A love note signed by Ray would have been very important to Suzie.

Another item might be a picture of a gazebo since Suzie spent many years there waiting and watching her family and friends.  One of the last things that I would add would be an icicle to signify what had happened to Mr. Harvey, her killer in the end when Suzie had helped the icicle to fall from the tree.

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What are 10 significant objects for susie in the novel?

The ten significant objects are as follows:-

  1. Her camera
  2. Love note written by ray Singh
  3. The icicle
  4. The picture of gazebo
  5. Her charm bracelet
  6. Ship in the bottle
  7. Picture of the flower
  8. The knitted hat that her mother gave her
  9. Photographs
  10. Memories
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