What are 10 major key points in Chapters 10 to 15 in Adam of the Road?

Expert Answers

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Key points by chapter might look something like this:

Chapter 10:

  • Jankin the Minstrel steals Adam's dog Nick.
  • Adam and his father Roger set off to find Nick, receiving clues and advice from a stable boy and some travelers on the road.

Chapter 11:

  • At Guildford, Adam gets close enough to Jankin and Nick to catch a glimpse of them, but the thief takes the dog onto a ferry to cross the river, and Adam swims after them.

Chapter 12:

  • Adam can not catch up to Jankin and Nick, and returns to Guildford to find his father.
  • Adam learns that his father has left for Farnham, where he thinks Jankin has gone also, and he sets out alone for that town.

Chapter 13:

  • In Farnham, Adam discovers that everyone is going to the fair at Winchester, and is befriended by a merchant, Daun Williams, who offers to take Adam with him to Winchester on horseback.
  • Adam and Daun Williams' group are accosted by robbers in the night; Adam escapes, but Daun Williams and his servants are taken captive.

Chapter 14:

  • Adam notifies a nearby village bailiff of the crime, and the bailiff organizes a band to go after the robbers. Daun Williams, his servants, and his goods are recovered, and the bailiff continues on to hunt down the thieves.

Chapter 15:

  • Adam arrives in Winchester with Daun Williams, who immediately begins to set up shop to sell his wares.
  • Adam cannot find Roger or Nick, and goes to the shrine at St. Swithin to pray for a miracle.

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