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What are 10 major events in Messenger by Lois Lowry?

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Messenger is a sort of sequel to The Giver.  It takes place after the events in The Giver and the second installment in the series, Gathering Blue.  It takes place in a community called Village, which is surrounded by woods.  It takes place about eight years after The Giver, because Gabe is eight.  Village is led by Jonas, who is now called Leader.

1. The story opens with Matty, “no longer a boy, but not yet a man” who lives with an old man called Seer.  He serves as companion and housekeeper because Seer is blind, though his “special vision” is valued in Village (p. 3).  Matty thinks cooking is a “bother” but the old man enjoys it.  Matty has not always lived in Village.  He came from a difficult home life.

 2. The Seer jokes about what Matty would trade for a kiss from a girl, but Matty does not want to talk about it because while trading “used to be a light-hearted thing … it’s not to be laughed at anymore” (p. 2).  We get the idea that something bad happens at the Trade Mart. 

[Matty’s] friend Ramon went to the last Trade Mart, with his parents.  But he won’t talk about it. (p. 2)

This conversation foreshadows the trouble with trading.

3. Matty is a Messenger, one of the few people who goes into the forest.  Most people in the Village avoid the forest because it is “dangerous for them” because it can move to trap people who shouldn’t be there, causing “terrible deaths” (p. 9).

4. Matty picks up a frog in the forest.  The frog is no ordinary frog.  It is "marked," meaning it needs healing.

[He] knew that things were all shifting for him now.  His future had taken a new and secret turn. (p. 11)

Later, one of the frog’s legs is “oddly stiff” (p. 19).

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lydiariz03 | Student

Yes Matty does die. Its almost like he was Jesus. Oh and read the book.

jjc8495 | Student

dose matty die at the end