What are 10 important events which are significant to The Kite Runner's plot, in chronological order? Major plot developments

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1. Amir and Hassan, his hare-lipped servant, and a group of older bullies are led by Assef, a real bully who wants to get revenge on for Amir.

2.  For Hassan's birthday, Amir's dad Hassan pays to fix his harelip.

3.  Amir decides to compete in the kite-fighting competition, because he likes the sport, but mainly because he wants to get his father's admiration. Hassan promises to run after the last defeated kite. He finds the fallen kite, but is chased by some other boys. Amir follows him and discovers Assef, Kamal, and Wali fighting with Hassan and Assef rapes Hassan.  Amir  runs away in fear.

4.  Baba throws a party for Amir's 13th birthday, were Amir sees Assef, who brings a strange present: a biography of Hitler.  Amir escapes the party and goes to a quiet place where Rahim Khan finds him, talks to him, and gives him a special gift—a notebook in which to write his stories.  Amir plants some money and a brand new watch  in...

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