What are 10 good promotional events that a pro football team could put on during the season? Please briefly each event.

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There are so many events that can be planned to help advertise and promote a team sport event.  Here are some to consider:

  1. Retro-jersey day: wear your teams "retro" style jersey to a game.
  2. Bumper stickers: have someone looking for official team bumper stickers on cars in the community.  When one is found the driver gets a prize.
  3. Pet day: bring your pet to the game (they would probably need to be in the bleachers).
  4. Training Day raffle: raffle off a 10 spots for kids to come train with the players for a day.
  5. Kick off raffle: several winners of the raffle, get a chance to kick the ball between the goals for memorabilia
  6. Auction: throw a party to auction off memorabilia
  7. Student Half-Price day: students with a current student ID get in for half-price
  8. Media event: team players could go on a local radio station or TV station to promote their team.
  9. Scratch Off tickets: give scratch off tickets at the door. Possible prizes may include free beverage, popcorn, hat, etc.
  10. Classic Car Day: during tailgating in the parking lot there can be a classic car show.
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1) Half price family nights always go over well, and help to fill seats for games that might not sell out otherwise, then you can make extra money off of them at the concession stands.

2)  Throw, pass, kick competitions with local young athletes

3)  Fan Appreciation Night - give away team merchandise, autographs, etc. to random seats in the stadium

4)  First 15,000 kids get free team t-shirt - if the kids come, their parents do too and you just sold three tickets for every kid you attract.

5)  Contest where winner gets to pick 15  - 20 people to watch a game from one of the skyboxes

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I think you should gear most stuff to kids because they're the ones you want to hook for the future.  And they might bring in parents who don't already care.

  1. Meet the players day.  This would be great if kids could meet at least some of the players.
  2. Go down on the field day.  Where kids could go run around on the actual field.
  3. Tour of the locker room.  Maybe on an off day or something they could let people do this.
  4. Skills test day.  Let people try to throw the ball at targets.  Or run a 40 yard dash.  Or try to catch a ball thrown by a ball machine.
  5. Bobblehead day.  Pretty cliched, but everyone does it.
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