What are good examples of figurative language from The Hunger Games?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel, The Hunger Games, figurative language  can represent something, compare two unlike things, make something which is not human have human characteristics, and be used to enhance the picture in the reader's mind of what is happening at the moment.   For example, when Katniss volunteers to replace her sister Prim, Prim "wrapped her skinny arms around me like a vice."  When Katniss is remembering Peeta giving her the burned bread, she takes it home, "clinging to life."  When Katniss is aboard the tribute train,  she takes a shower, and says "It's like being in a summer rain, only warmer." Each of these examples make the picture clearer for the reader.  The first example shows the desperation Prim feels for a vice is made to hold onto something with an unbreakable grip.  The second example compares the burned bread Peeta gives to Katniss to life itself, for to her the bread is life and gives her the idea of how to support her family.  The third example shows the country girl wondering about what she faces as even a shower is unfamiliar.  Writers need to use figurative language to create the pictures which help you see the characters and the actions of the story.  With these examples, you should be able to find many more in the story.