What are 10 examples of setting in this book?

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A setting is a location; in literature, the setting is the place in which a particular part of the action occurs. Identifying significant locations in A Separate Peace involves considering the places where significant parts of the story occurred.

The tree by the banks of the Devon River is of central importance. The basis of the story stems from the singular event that occurred there and its ramifications.

The swimming pool gave Gene insight into Finny's personality and priorities - setting a school record for personal knowledge was important; getting recognition for being able to do so was irrelevant.

The beach by the ocean allowed Finny to open up about his feelings for the relationship he and Gene shared in a very deep and unexpected manner.

The dorm room shared by Gene and Finny provided a setting for many incidents.

The playing fields of Devon School became the inventing grounds for Blitzball, another example of Finny's charisma and athletic gifts.

As did the public park along the Naguamsett River, the location of the Winter Olympics.

The train station in town brought the reality of the war home in a very personal way, as the Devon boys realized the troops were the same as them.

The home of Leper Lepellier's parents became a sanctuary for Leper but a location of traumatic dismay for Gene.

The First Academy Building was the location of the second trial and the second, fatal fall.

The Butt Room was the location of the first "trial" Gene had to face.


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