What are several examples of irony in the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian?

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One of the many ironies in this book is that Arnold, or Junior, leaves the reservation because he wants to attend school in Reardan, a white town with far more resources than the reservation. Once he is in Reardan, he meets a beautiful blonde girl named Penelope, and Arnold falsely believes that Penelope, with her money and her privileged status, leads a perfect life. However, he finds out that Penelope vomits in the school bathroom and that she is struggling with an eating disorder. The irony (which refers to a situation that turns out to be the opposite of what someone expects) is that Arnold believes all whites in Reardan live ideal lives, but then he discovers that Penelope is troubled in unexpected ways.

Another sad, ironic situation in the book is that Arnold's older sister, Mary, dreams of writing romance novels. She is always writing down romantic stories in her notebooks. However, when she runs off to get married, the life she encounters is the opposite of what she would want to...

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