What is 1/3(x+90)=0

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Use the distributive property to multiply `1/3` by both `x` and `90` .

`1/3(x) + 1/3(90) =0`

`1/3(x) + 30=0`

Subtract `30` from both sides of the equation.


We want the variable `x` alone on the left side of the equation in order to solve for it. To do this we multiply by the reciprocal of `1/3` which is `3/1` . In algebra what you do on one side of the equal sign you must do on the other, so multiply `-30` by `3/1` as well.

`3/1(1/3)(x) = (3/1) (-30)`

This leaves


Now check your answer by plugging  your solution into the original equation.

`1/3(-90 +90)=0`

`1/3(0) =0`

`0=0` Check

The solution is x=-90.


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