Where does alcohol comes from? Is it man made or is it natural?

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Alcohols are available naturally as well as prepared by man-made engineered systems. Alcohols are organic compounds with a hydroxyl group and are of various types. The most common forms of alcohol are ethyl alcohol (or ethanol), methyl alcohol (methanol), etc. The earliest form of alcohols, known to mankind, is probably ethanol (because of its use as a beverage). Bacteria make alcohols in our body all the time. A number of fruits and vegetables contain natural alcohols (such as sorbitol and xylitol). These include apple, corn, pineapple, carrots, etc. Alcohols can also be produced by fermentation, a process in which yeasts break down sugar into alcohols. This process is typically used for making alcoholic beverages. In laboratories, alcohols can be synthesized by reduction, hydrolysis, ziegler process, etc. 

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