Discuss a way in which modern culture can be seen as fatalistic.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most fundamental of precepts behind the concept of fatalism is the idea that free will is subjugated to something larger and more encompassing.  I think that this can be seen in the modern setting with its emphasis on economic determinism.   The recent economic crisis has emphasized how individuals are subject to the laws of economics.  The lack of control of such a situation has helped to move individuals into a realm where fatalism is evident.  To wake up one morning and find your house has lost half of its value, to see that homes on your block are being foreclosed upon with striking regularity, to recognize that your financial plans for retirement have been washed away with massive and seismic crashes in the stock market are all examples of how economic determinism and a sense of fatalism are evident.  The recent cries of "We are the 99%" are a faint hope, a stab, at something resembling the articulation of voice in an economic system where little in way of free will can be emphasized in the face of its striking regularity and force with which individuals are subjugated.  The focus on wealth inequality and the lack of freedom in social mobility are additional examples of how modern culture has become a bit more fatalistic, and how fatalism and free will might be more underscored by economic reality more than anything else.