What are the major problems faced by women entrepreneurs in India?

lit24 | Student

1. The greatest deterrent to women entrepreneurs is that they are women. Indian society is patriarchal and Indian women are traditionally considered to be homemakers and not 'businesswomen.'

2. The financial institutions are skeptical about the entrepreneurial abilities of women. Banks and other financial institutions are reluctant to lend money to women entrpreneurs and they stipulate many conditions before they lend money to them.

3.Consequently women entrepreneurs are handicapped by inadequate financial resources and working capital.

4.Another argument against them is that they  have low-level management skills.

5.Women are less mobile than men. The confidence to travel day and night and to different regions and states is lacking in women when compared to male entrepreneurs.

6. The overall iteracy rate of women in India is low when compared to the literacy rate of the Indian male population.

7. Low-level education results in  low-level self-confidence and self-reliance of the women folk to engage in business activities.

8.They lack encouragement and motivation from others. Men infact discourage them and are jealous of their success in business.

9.Finally high production cost of some business operations adversely affects the development of women entrepreneurs.

10. Most importantly their domestic duties are always a hindrance to their success in business enterprises.

Wiggin42 | Student

1.The major problem is the mind set of the society,which has a prejudiced set of assumptions for a women entrepreneur. 

2.In an Indian society, power is held by men,irrespective of the house or a firm. 

3.Expectations for a women entrepreneur is more than for their men counterparts.

4. The need to prove themselves gives the pressure and the stress to women entrepreneur.

5.Viewing women as an object is still exist among the well educated men.

6.Family support is not always feasible for them to put extra time and effort to their work. 

7. Most of  the women entrepreneur runs their business only part time or a hobby turned into business, so they are competitive in nature.

parama9000 | Student

1. Stereotypes. Women are generally perceived to be weaker.

2. Cultural preferences. Women are generally less preferred as high amounts of dowry will have to be paid to the groom for marriage.

3. Lack of access to education. There is a general belief that women do not need education and are thus not given the opportunity or that they simply cannot afford to have an education.

Women in general face a lot of problems in Indian society. As a Indian woman myself, i have noticed lots of sexism. this is mainly because India, although it is still changing, has parts of it that are extremely male dominated, and oppress or restrict women's actions. women India are usually seen as housewives (once again this ideology is slowly beginning to become more open as higher education is becoming more of an option for women). This gender differentiation and the responsibilities placed on most Indian women from a young age plays a big role. 

swadhin | Student

Women entrepreneurs face a series of problems right from the beginning till the the enterprise functions. Besides the above basic problems the other problems faced by women entrepreneurs are as follows:

1. Family ties:

2. Male dominated society:

3. Lack of education:

4. Social barriers:

5. Shortage of raw materials:

6. Problem of finance:

7. Tough competition:

8. High cost of production:

9.Low risk-bearing capacity:

10 Limited mobility:

11. Lack of entrepreneurial aptitude:

12. Limited managerial ability:

13. Legal formalities:

14. Exploitation by middle men:

15. Lack of self confidence: