In "By the Waters of Babylon", what are three examples of wonderful things he discovers?

Expert Answers
mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  "There were pictures upon the walls, very strange, very wonderful".  He describes the pictures being just specks of color up close, but forming flowers from far away, and they made his heart feel "strange".

2.  Books.  He was awed by all of the books, written "in tongues that I could not read", and he concludes that their owner must have sought wisdom, just as he is.

3.  The dead man.  This might not seem wonderful, but it led to his great realization that these were not gods, "They were men -- they went a dark road, but they were men".  This revelation was life-changing, not only for him, but for everyone, because he concludes that they can now "make a beginning."  It will reshape their lifestyle, beliefs, customs, and traditions.

nbaballer | Student

Where they cooked but with no wood, the faucet saying it was hot or cold, and there was no candles or torches.