What can individuals or groups do to protect Angkor Wat?Please answer I need the answer by Monday

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jihyunkim67 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Angkor Wat is one of the oldest and largest Hindu temples in the world. The construction began in the 9th century and was completed by the 12th century where it became the Mecca for the Hindu population under Suryavaram II. For Cambodia, Angkor Wat represents itself and the people but it also contributed to the France's aspiration to colonize Cambodia in the 19th century. After Cambodia gained Independence, Angkor Wat was returned. 

Since the complex is quite aged and delicately built, it had been somewhat destructed by nature and human interruption. There was restoration work carried out over the course of decades but it still requires frequent management and inspection. Ever since it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site, the tourism surged even more and increasing human visits became a concern. To prevent any consequential damage, the tourists must be well educated of the importance of preservation prior to the visit. There are organizations such as World Monuments Fund that spend money on the conservation of world heritage sites where one can donate money to. Finally we as individuals can act in informing and advertising the tourists and students on Angkor Wat and ways of protection.