Why do you think the Baptist minister was all silence after his interview with Miss Emily?

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Although we hear little directly from Miss Emily Grierson, we know from her previous conversation with the local authorities that she is rude, obstinate and close-minded. When local aldermen appeared in person to notify her about past due taxes, she refused to offer them a seat; after they stated their case, she refused to accept their decision and ordered them from the house. No doubt the Baptist minister received more of the same treatment when he went to speak with her about her improprieties concerning Homer Barron. Since she apparently never attended church, she may well have been more direct (and possibly profane) than he expected. 

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Of course, we are not actually told why.  But we can guess from the context.

In this part of the story, Emily has been going around town with Homer Barron.  The people of the town think what they are doing is improper and they send the minister to talk to her.

Given that context, it seems clear that she has in some way told him to mind his own business.  I don't know if she told him something scandalous about her relationship with Homer or if she was just really rude to him.  I think it is one of those two things.

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3. What do you think happened when the Baptist minister called on Miss Emily? Is it important that you think you understand what happened?

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