In The Westing Game, why was the delivery boy described as uncommon looking?

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In Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game, the delivery boy is described as "uncommon-looking." He is described this way because he was sixty-two years old. Obviously the term "delivery boy" generally brings up in most people's minds someone much younger.

The delivery boy who was not really a boy was just one of the odd things about Sunset Towers. Sunset Towers faces east, even though the sun sets in the west. Also, there were no towers. The apartment house was huge at 5 stories high and yet it was empty. The delivery boy rode around the tow delivering letters to the people who had been chosen to be tenants. Only 6 letters were delivered. The letters were signed Barney Northrup, but, as the reader will learn later, "there was no such person as Barney Northrup."

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Because he was old and delivery boys aren't normally old.... it's in the next sentance of the book....

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