In "The Westing Game", who gave the answer of the game?

Expert Answers
sfwriter eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Turtle Wexler is the one who figures out that Sandy McSouthers is really Sam Westing (who is not dead, after all), but the real game, that of finding Sam Westing's murderer, is never solved.  Since the game was really a setup to bring the "heirs" together and resolve some issues, the outcome asked for by Sam Westing's will was -- and could never have been -- fully realized.  Each of the heirs, however, gained the same amount of money, and all of them experienced some significant development in their lives because of the game.  Sam Westing, it appears, had some obscure reasons for torturing the people who had some claim on his estate (either through a family relationship or from past history with Sam) with a game which implied that one of them had killed him.  The one to figure out that Sam Westing, who was alive all the time, was behind this was Turtle.  So if anyone can be considered the "winner" of the Westing game, it is she.  But really no one solved the game, and in all the ways that matter each character was a winner.  Each person changed for the better because of this game, and that may have been Sam Westing's intent all along.