If I were to stage Strindberg's Miss Julie in the 21st century, what/how would I change to attract audiences of today's time? How would one go about staging Miss Julie for today's audience? Keep as is or change to adopt to 21century or another century to update the play. What are your recommendations.

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I think #2 makes an excellent point regarding the value of being forced to examine our own sexual mores outside of the context of our own age and time. This is something that is of particular benefit in staging this play, which is of course so closely locked in to a specific context. It is important to remember though that plays such as A Doll's House that similarly deal with gender roles in a particular context, still are just as popular today in spite of how things have changed.

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As a play, August Strindberg’s Miss Julie is very much set in a specific place and time. Part of what makes the plot work is the transgressive nature of the sexual relationship set against a background in which Jean’s even call Miss Julie by her first name would be shocking. Much of the play would be absurd in a modern setting. Not only do many of the issues and dilemmas only make sense in its original setting, but one of the reasons people would want to watch the play is precisely because it does enable them to look at gender issues in a context outside that of the 21st century. Thus, for a production to a) make sense and b) be worth watching, it should be historically accurate. Moreover, as the success of numerous period movies and TV shows demonstrate, “costume” dramas are popular.

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