If I were a railroad owner how would I respond to the statement that "the federal government has a responsibility to help farmers?"

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If you were a railroad owner, you would not want the federal government to help farmers.  At least, you would not want them to help farmers by restricting the prices that you could charge.  You might give some of the following arguments.

First, you could say that helping farmers in this way would be unfair to you as a railroad owner.  You would say that you need to be able to charge prices that are as high as possible so that you could make a profit.  You would say that it is unfair to hurt you in an effort to help farmers.

Second, you could argue that there are better ways to help farmers.  You could say that the government could subsidize farmers instead of hurting your business.  That way, the farmers could be helped without being unfair to you.

Finally, you could argue that the government should simply stay out of the economy.  You could argue that a laissez-faire system is the best one.  You could argue that Social Darwinism is the best way to make a society and an economy that is as strong as possible. 

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