Were the predictions of John O'Sullivan in his article "Annexation" concerning expansion and America's destiny through the year 1945 accurate? Explain.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While the predictions that John O’Sullivan makes in this article have not all come true in their details, the general gist of his prediction has indeed come to pass.  The US has expanded across the entire continent and it was, even by 1945, the dominant power in North America.

Of course, we can see that O’Sullivan was not correct in everything that he predicted.  For example, he predicted that, by 1945, there would be as many as 250 million or even 300 million citizens of the United States.  O’Sullivan was quite far off in this prediction.  In 1945, there were still only about 140 million Americans.  This means that O’Sullivan predicted that the US population would be about two times as large as it actually was one hundred years after he wrote. 

As another example, O’Sullivan seems to believe that almost all of North America will be part of the United States in 1945.  Perhaps this is why he thinks the population will be so large.  He predicts, for example, that the “Nootka Morning News” will be an American newspaper.  Nootka is not part of America today.  Instead, it is part of Canada.

But these are mere details.  O’Sullivan’s greater claim is that the US will dominate North America.  He believes that people will travel from Washington and Oregon to the East Coast very quickly.  This was possible in 1945.  He believed that communications would allow people on the West Coast to print the president’s words practically as soon as he spoke them.  This was true in 1945.  In fact, radio made it possible for them to listen to the words in real time.  O’Sullivan predicted that the US would dominate the continent.  This was clearly the case in 1945.

Therefore, we can clearly say that the essential aspects of O’Sullivan’s predictions in this article did come true by 1945.