Were Mussolini's political philosophies of Fascism necessary in our world?Were Mussolini's political philosophies of Fascism necessary in our world?

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marilynn07 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I doubt that the world needs or ever did need fascism.  Fascism is a socialist-sounding philosophy which was actually the basis of the corporate state-  that is, the government and large business interests running the state instead of the poeple.  The eNotes reference on fascism states;

"Fascism is a twentieth–century political ideology and movement based on nationalism and militarism, which emphasizes the importance of the state and the individual's overriding duty to it. It opposes communism and liberalism, and seeks to regenerate the social, cultural, and economic life of its country by instilling its citizens with a powerful sense of national identity and an unquestioning loyalty to the state and its leader. Agencies of state control, such as secret police, and sophisticated propaganda techniques are important factors in the suppression of opposition and the advancement of fascist doctrines."

National regeneration was important to fascist leaders such as Fransisco Franco, Mussolini and Hitler because of their countries' downfallen conditions, but make no mistake fascism can be used by ambitious and unscrupulous political leaders in any country.  We've seen attempts at this often here in America.  Racism and ethnic centrism are also central ideas in fascist politics, as are some socialist ideas such as nationalisation of some types of industries, but the profit motive is never threatened, unlike international socialism.  Check out the link below to eNotes Political Theories for Students."

As for the corporate state, look at Hitler's career.  At every turn when his political career could have been derailed before he led Germany into complete disaster, and even after it became apparent the war was lost, the military and the major corporate and banking interests continued to back him.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Fascism is not necessary. In Mussolini's case, it helped keep him on the right side of Hitler, so I suppose you could argue that it was necessary for being one of the Axis powers. That still does not make it a good thing, or a necessary one in today's world.