Were the Mongols bent on world domination?  Why or why not? please use these links to answer...

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Neither of the links that you provide addresses this question directly.  You are left to infer the answer from what is actually said.

To me, the best evidence that comes from either of these links comes from the one that I've attached below (the mongolia-attractions one).  In that link, there is a long discussion of the mother of Kublai Khan.  She clearly intended for her sons to rule large areas.  I do not know if this constitutes a desire for "world domination" (it's a strange term to use anyway given that the Mongols clearly could not have dominated the whole world even if they had wanted to), but it is clear that she, at least, believed that the Mongols should rule large areas.

She showed her ambitions by having her sons, for example, learn languages other than their own.  She also taught them to try to get along with and understand people of various religions.  Both of these things show that she meant for her sons to rule large areas.

That is the only answer I can see in either of the links you attached.