Explain if the goals of the mutualistas were more similar to those of the Urban League or to those of the Anti-Defamation League.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be edited. I think that the overall goals of the mutualistas were more in line with the primary aspirations of the Urban League.  Both organizations were committed to the idea of unifying people of color that might have found themselves displaced by a social and political setting that did not validate differences.  For the National Urban League, the advancement of African- Americans in realms of economic progress, political advocacy, and social solidarity are very similar to the mutualista aspiration to provide guidance in a similar capacity to Mexican immigrants.  In each case, there is a direct disenfranchisement that the organization wishes to redress. Both organizations seem to be driven by the primary goal of being able to help transition and find a base for people of color who were not validated by the social, economic, and political configurations.

The Anti- Defamation League is more concerned with ceasing "the defamation of the Jewish people."  There is less of an emphasis on helping Jewish people find their way economically and politically.  The goal of the Anti- Defamation League is more as a political action committee, and less as a group for social empowerment of individuals being silenced.  In this way, I think that the mutualisas seem to share more with the aspiration of the Urban League in that there is a greater emphasis on grassroots action that directly bridges theory and practice in making the lives of specific individuals better.

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