If I were Frankenstein?i have an exam tomorrow about if i were, and from 5 topics, i've choosen frankenstein, but im really confused what should i write on my paper? help mee

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The way in which the question is phrased is a bit confusing.  I think some clarity is needed.  From what I have gathered, you are to write as if you were Frankenstein on five different topics.  I think that you could probably choose to write about several different points of view on this front.  One approach I would take is to write about what it means to create life from Frankenstein's point of view.  This might be a very interesting approach because he experiences both the positive and negative end in his experience.  Another topic would be for him to write about what responsibility he holds for the crimes that the monster commits.  Again, here this would be uniquely distinctive in terms of his own understanding about his role in these events.  I could also see a topic generated on the function of science and whether or not he utilized it properly.  Hearing Frankenstein's point of view on whether or not he feels bad about hunting down what he has created could be another topic.  Finally, what would Frankenstein see as his legacy that he left to the world once he passes on?  This could be a nice way to close these perspectives offered.

mkcapen1 | Student

If I had to write a paper putting myself in Victor Frankenstein's shoes, I would begin by discussing my drive to be the first scientist/doctor to create a perfect human.  I would tell how my mother had been ill and died.  I would explain how frustrating that had been for me.  I would go on to discuss the studies that I focused on while at the University and how I had been a good studious student.

The next section I would describe my relationships to my precious Elizabeth and my father.  I would talk about my family and my dear friends.  I would also discuss how my actions had led to my isolation from my loved ones and the fatal events that followed such as Elizabeth's death.

I would have a special section discussing my creation of my creature and my reaction to his presence.  I would tell how I had let him down after I had played God.  I would discuss the consequences that happened to the creature and why I had made poor choices.

I would use a section to discuss my journey on the ship and the desolation of the location as well as my friendship with Captain Watson.

In the last section I would use it to talk about my death and the creature's existence in the cold regions.  I would tell how he had been lonely, and I had left him without a mate. I would begin to express my regrets at the damage I had done to my loved ones and life.  I would tell why I died alone except for Watson and why my creature visits me after I am dead.


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