Why did Doctor Faustus neglect all other fields and choose magic?

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Faustus views the traditional disciplines of "analytics," "economy" and "physic" to be too confining for him. They do not allow him to satisfy his true ambitions. Magic, on the other hand, offers wealth, power, and esteem that are unattainable for ordinary scholars. Contemplating the benefits that would come to a scholar who had mastered "the metaphysics of magicians," Faustus fantasizes that magic would allow him, unlike ordinary men, to "raise the wind" or "rend the clouds":

O, what a world of profit and delight,
Of power, of honour, of omnipotence,
Is promis'd to the studious artizan!

These speeches by Faustus attract the attention of Mephistopholis, a minion of Lucifer, who reaches an agreement with the greedy doctor: Faustus will give his soul to Lucifer, the embodiment of evil, in return for earthly power and riches. It is ambition and greed, as well as an inflated sense of self that drives Faustus to make this terrible bargain. He neglects the...

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