Where do Jonas and Gabe go at the end of the story The Giver?

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Jonas and Gabe escape to Elsewhere, leaving the community.

When Jonas finds out that Gabe is going to be released, he has to take action.  He grabs the baby and goes on the run at night.  He and The Giver had been planning to have Jonas escape, to return the memories to the community, but the planned release of Gabe moves up the timetable.  Jonas has to do it on his own, before he is completely ready.

He takes his father’s bicycle, because it has a way to carry Gabe.  To escape, he must leave the community and go well into the outskirts of what the people call "Elsewhere."  To Jonas’s people, Elsewhere is both a metaphorical concept and an actual place.  When someone dies he or she goes to Elsewhere, but any place but the community is technically Elsewhere.

Jonas and The Giver discussed the possibility of what would happen to the community if Jonas succeeded in getting away.

"If you get away, if you get beyond, if you get to Elsewhere, it will mean that the community has to bear the...

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