Where did Huckleberry Finn lose the raft?this question is from the paper back book of adventures of huckleberry finn

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of times in this book where things happen to the raft, so I am not completely sure what you mean.

The first time that Huck loses the raft is in Chapter 12.  Jim and Huck are on the riverboat where Huck is spying on the robbers.  When Huck figures out that they gang is a bunch of murderers he thinks he and Jim had better get off the riverboat.  When he says that to Jim, Jim tells him that the raft is gone -- it has broken loose during the storm.

So, if you are asking where in the book this happens, it is at the end of Chapter 12.

There's at least once more -- in Chapter 16, where they lose the raft because it gets hit by a riverboat.

esieber13 | Student

he also looses the boat in chapter 15. do you know where (as in what was the setting at this time)?

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