In That Was Then, This Is Now, where did Bryon and Mark go look for M&M? Did they find him?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

M&M was not happy living at home and one night while he was cruising The Ribbon with Bryon, Mark and Cathy, M&M got out of the car at a hot dog stand and announced that "Not ever. I'm not going home." They did not see him for several weeks.

The day after Mark got Angela Shepard drunk and cut off her hair, he told Bryon that he knew where M&M was: He was at the hippie house that Randy, the VW van owner who had given the boys a ride, had earlier told them about. But when Mark and Bryon stopped by, M&M was not there. It was later, after Bryon had been beaten by the Shepards, that he told Cathy about the house, and the two of them stopped by again and found M&M, reeling from the effects of a very bad acid trip.

niknik233 | Student

Mark found M&M in a house where the hippies live, a few blocks away from their house.