Were Britain well prepared for a German invasion at the beginning of WW2?

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This question is somewhat a matter of opinion. However, as I see it, the short answer would be no... the British were generally unprepared for war against the Germans.  Keep in mind, Britain (like most of the rest of the world) was still marred by the Great Depression at the beginning of the war.  Frankly, it takes money and supplies to fight a war; the British did not have either in the capacity that the Germans had.  With that said, following the battle of Dunkirk, the remainder of the British and French forces had to flee mainland Europe for the British isles.  Many historians wonder if the German army would have invaded right then if the war might have had a very different outcome. However, Germany wanted to show the might of its new airforce as opposed to invading with its ground forces.  Had it not been for the heroics of the Royal Air Force in staving off the German Luftwaffe, Germany might well have conquered Britain.

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War is a question of money, OK, but german economy was in a worse state during the Great Depression than the english one. Until Hitler took the power.

President Kennedy father or Kennedy hoimself wrote a book about this period " While England slept".

And what about France !