When does the rising action in Sundiata occur?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The rising action of a text comes after the exposition, the initial introduction to the plot which introduces us to the main characters and the conflict, and before the climax, when the plot reaches its moment of highest emotional intensity. The rising action therefore takes the form of a series of events that ratchet up the tension leading to the climax.

If we consider the main conflict in this epic classic to be when Sundiata finally meets Soumaoro, the Sorceror King, then the rising action of this text occurs as we have the description of Sundiata in exile and how Soumaoro came to power. As we read about Sundiata growing up and his various feats of strength and power, and then this is paralleled by Soumaoro's annexation of Sundiata's old kingdom, it becomes clear that the two characters are destined for a showdown.