How is Wemmick a source of humor in Great Expectations?

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“Halloa!” said Wemmick. “Here's Miss Skiffins! Let's have a wedding.” (ch 55, p. 304)

I chose this quote because it demonstrates Wemmick’s wry humor.  Wemmick is a source of humor because he acts unexpectedly.  Pip never really knows what he is thinking. 

Wemmick acts unexpectedly because he is very different at home and at work.  At work he is the dour counterpart to Jaggers’ harshness, and at home he is playful and supportive.  He dotes on the Aged, his father, and lives in a whimsical cottage.  This is a sharp contrast to his work life.

I am my own engineer, and my own carpenter, and my own plumber, and my own gardener, and my own Jack of all Trades…Well, it's a good thing, you know.  It brushes the Newgate cobwebs away, and pleases the Aged. (ch 25, p. 141)

Wemmick tells Pip that Jaggers has never visited his home, and he does not want him to.  Wemmick keeps a strict division between his work and home life, so that he can brush the cobwebs away.  Wemmick is thus one of the best role models for Pip, while making the reader laugh.

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