In Welty's "Why I Live at The P.O," how can we demonstrate that Sister is harassed by her family?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sister is harassed by her family members because they refuse to acknowledge that Stella-Rondo had a child out of wedlock and they accept her side against Sister’s.

Stella-Rondo is not pleased that Sister thinks that she had a child out of wedlock.  She has been telling everyone that her baby was adopted, because if the child was biological it would be too old to have been born during the marriage.  All of the family members are willing to accept this fiction, because it’s easier than the truth.  They take Stella-Rondo’s side.

So he says, "Have I heard correctly? You don't understand why I don't cut off my beard?"
 "Why," I says, "Papa-Daddy, of course I understand, I did not say any such of a thing, the idea!"

Irritated with Stella-Rondo, Sister continues to pick at her.  As a result, Stella-Rondo keeps pitting other family members against her.  She tells them things, and they believe her.  She twists Sister’s words.  Sister is even angrier, because no one in the family seems willing to take her side.  As a result, she goes to live in the post office.

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