"Well the things is ours anyway, ain't they?" Who is talking? What going on?  i can't figure this out. someone shed some light on it thank you

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Huck is speaking, and he and Joe are discussing presents that Tom left behind when he snuck back into town to see how people were coping with their deaths.

Before Tom heads into town, he leaves notes and gifts for his friends Joe and Huck.

And he also put into the hat certain schoolboy treasures of almost inestimable value—among them a lump of chalk, an India-rubber ball, three fishhooks, and one of that kind of marbles known as a “sure 'nough crystal.” (Chapter 14, enotes etext p. 69-70)

At this point in the story, Tom has faked his own death.  Aunt Polly thinks he is dead, and he has just gotten back from watching them mourn him.  Joe and Huck are discussing whether or not he will return to the camp and if they can take his things or not.

Notice that Joe is convinced that Tom is coming back, but Huck thinks he won’t and wants to take his things.  This is typical of Huck’s independent, suspicious nature.  Huck also has almost nothing, and the “treasures” are of value to him.


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