Re-tell about finding the coffin from Doodles point of view in "The Scarlet Ibis".

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is from Doodle's point of view, and it's similar to the style of writing that Hurst used.

My brother could be so nice to me.  When he took me out to Old Woman Swamp for the first time, I was so amazed at its beauty.  He would gather wild flowers for us and then we would make necklaces and crowns out of them.  The days that he took me out there, he was a good big brother.  However, there were days when I could see his cruelty.  Some days I wondered if he was mad at me.  One day he took me out to he barn and made me go up in the loft with him.  He told me some story about a casket that was up there.  He said it was for me.  It was scary to look at it.  It was a dark red, sort of like dried blood.  I didn't like it and I wanted to get down.  He kept telling me that it was mine.  I knew it wasn't.  But he wouldn't let me down from the loft if I wouldn't touch it.  I was so afraid that he'd leave me alone.  I hate to be by myself.  I feel helpless without him around.  So I touched it.  As I touched it, some owl came flying at us spraying us with green stuff.  I don't remember how we got down, but I remember clinging to him as he carried me to the house.  I was terrified he'd leave me again.  It was hard for me to finally let go of him.