In Shakespeare's play, Macbeth plays several roles. What different character traits are associated with each of the different roles he plays? Roles as a General, Husband, King.

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The play tends to center on his role as the following: Warrior, Murderer / Usurper, Husband, Tyrant King and Traitor.

Primarily, the character traits Macbeth exhibits are as follows: bravery, loyalty, warrior's capability (he's a killer); ambition, weakness, reflectiveness, fearfulness, pride, and guilt. This is just a few of them, and I'm certain there can be an argument for more. The thing you will need are the quotations, the evidence that exhibit these characteristics; so let's take a look at a few:

Captain about his role of a warrior and subject to the King: "For brave Macbeth --well he deserves that name / Disdaining Fortune, with his brandished steel..." (I.2.16-17). The...

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