Well I did really badly in my first Pride and Prejudice literature exam , and I need help in how I can improve my grade and with effective ways of answering questions  I need to know how I should answer my questions, what things will boost my grade, and what the examiners prefer me to do. I also want to know the major themes. When I'm answering the questions is it good to refer to the social and historical context of the question? I also want to know what sorts of questions could come up. Sample answers would help quite a lot. Thank you. Please get back to me asap.

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It certainly sounds as if you need to refer to eNotes' Study Guide and to all the tags forPride and Prejudice. You can click on "See all" and get dozens of tags covering every aspect of this well-known novel. In answering questions on exams, it is best to read the question carefully and then try to answer only what the question is asking. It is not necessarily good "to refer to the social and historical context of the question" unless you are asked to do so. Generally you can use the question as a sort of outline to follow with your answer. As far as "major themes," you will find plenty of material on these in the eNotes Study Guide forPride and Prejudiceand in the eNotes tags for the novel. As far as "sample answers" are concerned, all you have to do is to read the answers that editors have been giving to questions aboutPride and Prejudicefor years. You will also find sample questions. Just click on "All Questions" or on "Q&A." Some of the tags forPrideand Prejudice are shown below, but these are only a few of the many, many subjects covered by eNotes in this, the most popular of Jane Austen's novels. The book has been made into beautiful movies several times, and you ought to get a lot of ideas as well as pleasure out of watching one or two on videos.

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