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Weiss (2003, p.2) says, "domestic institutions are a bit like the dark place in the globalization debate." Briefly explain what she means.

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What Weiss means by this statement is that domestic state institutions have tended to be excluded from the globalization debate, giving us a somewhat distorted picture of the globalization phenomenon.

In Weiss's introduction to States in the Global Economy: Bringing Domestic Institutions Back In, we see a challenge to the prevailing consensus that globalization has seriously impacted the ability of the state to govern domestically.

Using the metaphor of light, Weiss argues that the myriad challenges of globalization have been illuminated in the extensive literature that has arisen in response to the phenomenon. At the same time, however, little light has been shed on how national authorities have managed globalization's challenges. This is what Weiss means when she says that "domestic institutions are a bit like the 'dark place' in the globalization debate."

As a consequence, what we have is a generally top-down approach to understanding globalization that fails to take into account issues of national governance. Much of the literature on globalization has concluded—or, at the very least, assumed—that the state's capacity to govern domestically has been seriously limited by globalization.

Weiss challenges this thesis by turning the spotlight on domestic national institutions and, in the process, giving us a more complete picture of arguably the most important economic phenomenon of our times.

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